August 10, 2022

4 thoughts on “AOC and the Squad are losing it over “Build Back Better” death

  1. Can someone tell me why these angry, screaming, no brain, no credentials “women of color” are so well followed by the media?
    OAC has done nothing of merit since she somehow go into our Congress. If anyone is legislating in the media, she would be the number one candidate for that. I’m sooo sick of these outrageous, loud women who were ALL elected with Gorge Soros money, upstaging every other working Congressperson with their OUTRAGEOUS lies and demands. Tell me one thing they, either collectively or individually, have done to help their constituents. OACs constituents don’t even know her or have ever seen her at the phony address she supposedly lives in. All the funds that elected her comes from out of state.. The hate and unremitting anger at the country that gave them the opportunity to BE IN CONGRESS, is beyond the pale. What gives these media hogs the right to get so much coverage to spout the unrest and divisiveness that they constantly scream about. I for one question the intelligence of the people who voted for them on and all. OR, is this all the work of the Marxist faction sneaking these radicals into our government?

    1. Intelligence does not exist for these “no brain no credentials women of color”. Their constituents have the identical “credentials” which is why our nation is rapidly declining. These brain dead individuals contribute nothing, seek only increased entitlements, while contributing nothing other than “stealing funds” from hard working American taxpayers. Open borders and welcoming “refugees” is accelerating our decline. So tragic to witness the decline of our nation to people so destructive to this nation that granted them everything.

  2. Sorry that we have allowed these worthless deplorable racist communist squad broads of dirt color along with a hell of a lot whites like Schumer to live in this country
    Deport all

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