An investigation released by the Department of Justice Tuesday found four FBI officials engaged in commercial sex with prostitutes while overseas and a fifth official attempted to – a direct violation of DOJ and FBI policies.

The investigation said the officials “lacked candor” in failing to report their involvement or other agents’ involvement in soliciting sex with prostitutes. 

One of the FBI officials additionally lied to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) – which oversaw the investigation – during an interview followed by polygraph questioning. The individual denied having engaged in any sexual acts with a prostitute. 

“The OIG investigation further found that five officials failed to report contact or relationships with foreign nationals, including foreign nationals from whom they procured commercial sex, in violation of FBI policies,” the OIG said in a summary of the investigation’s findings Tuesday. 

In addition to violating the bureau’s policies surrounding commercial sex, one agent additionally failed to report that he provided a foreign police officer a “package containing approximately 100 white pills.”

The report did not say what substance the “white pills” were composed of but noted the FBI official “lacked candor” when the individual denied “observing or placing pills” in a package to be delivered to a foreign officer.

A sixth FBI official was also found to have committed misconduct for “failing to report suspected violations” through appropriate channels.

It is unclear what happened to the sixth FBI official, but of the five who solicited commercial sex, “two resigned, two retired, and one was removed” while the investigation was still ongoing.