January 29, 2022

1 thought on “Email Shows Biden’s FDA Pressured Google To Take Down YouTube Video

  1. Makes me sick. The Drugs that CAN “help” us ARE WILLFULLY being “DENIED US”, by the CDC, NIH AND “that creep” FAUCI! “We” have the meds available for treatment, BUT “THESE BUREAUCRATS” will not let any Dr.. prescribe them! WHY? BECAUSE Phizser & other drug companies are making BIG Bucks off of this “vaccine”, which is NOTHING more than an IMMUNE BOOSTER! I “want” to be able to have invcecrrtin, monoclonal antibodies, & hydroxychlozide.(?)? WHY can’t I be treated with “this stuff”, since “WE” KNOW “it” works? SIMPLE. Washington wants to CONTROL “all of us”! As usual, “THESE DINGBATS” REFUSE to “help US! I’m “NOT”. getting a “booster”. I had enough HEART PALPITATIONS for 3 mos. with two “vaccines”.. Screw the “booster” AND BIDEN!

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