August 19, 2022

3 thoughts on “Elon Musk Calls for Presidential Age Limits

  1. This should be the case for all elected officials. Let’s say you cannot serve past 70 years old, and you cannot run for any office past the age of 65. This could also apply to state and local officials, and the Supreme Courts. In fact, the 70-year rule could apply to all government employees. Some companies have mandatory retirement ages, so why shouldn’t our government? Certainly there are some advantages to experience, but how much more experienced are you at 70 than at 60? If any more experience counts, does it count enough?

  2. I totally agree. When I discuss politics with my children I always say “I have no future, I am 75 years old, my future is you (my children)” I also tell them vote for younger candidates because their future is your future. Do we need politicans who have been serving for 45+ years and who are 70+ years old making decisions on a future that they themselves will not be part of? I am not saying these people aren’t capable but their days have past, and truthfully some of them are no longer capable. Why are they not given cognitive test after 70 or 65, I see no harm in that.

  3. I agree, but term limits is a better idea. NO long term people in office like Piglosi, Schumer and a lot of other congressmen and senators who have been in office WAY too long. Then age would not be a factor. Presidents can only serve two terms, it should be the same for all the offices in government.

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