January 29, 2022

1 thought on “The Pentagon Has Set Up a UFO Office

  1. OK, I am not a UFO denier. I believe there is a great chance we are NOT alone. I find the subject fascinating and know quite a bit about many incidents around the world which have been documented over the past 100 or more years. With that all said, I have no idea whether to believe a Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Linda Howe, etc… I think they MAY be well intentioned but I also am cautiously optimistic about what they say.
    The government has seemingly ALWAYS been corrupt and constantly causing and covering up events. Be it UFOs, 9/11, JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Fast and Furious, etc…… Anytime the government is involved in ANYTHING, you can be 100% certain it is NOT what they tell you it is. Add an alphabet cabal and you have no doubt it’s trouble. This B.S. is about gathering the names of those who report and to document the reaction of the public to such sightings giving the scum more info to ensure how they will conduct their “War of the world’s” scenario in the future.

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