June 8, 2023

3 thoughts on “Armed Migrant Assaults Border Patrol Agent in Arizona

  1. All the illegal PIGS need to be shot in mass before getting to American soil. That is the only way to stop this and Joebama. Fuck them all

    1. Not just illegal aliens at the border. But all of the store looters need to be shot DEAD. Looters may then think twice before ripping off goods.

  2. I agree with Jasper been saying from the very beginning. The Democratic Governor’s and mayors set a precedent that cities feel they have to follow. They should have been warned and then dealt with accordingly. We are a Country of Laws but when anything doesn’t go their way it’s always the same outcome, burn, looting, stealing and killing innocent people. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have they cost this Country? The government has never gave us a real number.

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