December 7, 2021

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris is Furious Over Rittenhouse Decision

  1. This POS low life CUNT is only pissed because she won’t be able to lighten or drop his sentence like she did to so many real assholes ,her kind of people, in CA. I hope to read sometime that this assclown was found dead by suicide like killary is famous for arranging.

  2. Well Harris the country is tired of your gross incompetence but we don’t seem to see a chamge. STFU and do your job! Justice was served including taking gutter trash out of society! Itcouldn’t have been a better situation. Now this country needs to get You,, Biden, and Pelosi out of offfice along with the rest of the corrupt minions!

  3. Most people don’t care what Kamala is mad about since most people didn’t for for her nasty a** or that demented old fool Biden. The verdict was correct, too bad they can’t charge Harris for encouraging BLM and ANTIFA to riot when she said “they’re not going to stop they shouldn’t stop” she’s scum!

  4. Kamala is scum so nobody cares what she thinks, nobody wanted her as president and nobody voted for this loser or Biden.

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