June 8, 2023

1 thought on “American companies are building the Chinese war-machine

  1. I’m not surprised that American companies have been helping China in the name of profit. As a technician for over 50 years, I watched as American companies developed new technologies, such as decent audio equipment, VCRs, and the like, and then turned around and sold or leased the rights to Japanese companies. By the mid-1970s, Japan was making all of the decent electronics equipment found on American shelves. Then we started selling intellectual properties to China, and letting them make just about everything we buy, all in the name of profit. Once China had sufficient money, they started stealing our knowledge and designs, and began to dump counterfeit products on the market. If our present political regime is serious about reducing our carbon footprint, we should first stop getting all of our products made in China. We are responsible for a lot of their carbon output, as most of what we buy from them is made with power from coal.

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