August 19, 2022

2 thoughts on “You Might Need A License To Raise Your Own Child

  1. Children that live in an ‘intact’ home do not have unearned privileges. The parents earned those privileges for the child by keeping the home intact. Children living in other than an intact home have a disadvantage, as studies show, but should we consider that disadvantage unearned? Could the parents have done something differently to prevent the disadvantage? Declaring that people who try to do the best for their children as being unfair to children they don’t even know is the unfairness, not some nebulous ‘privilege’ based entirely on the behavior of the parents.

  2. Time for these Communists anti-American anti constitutional government rats to be run out of this country and exposed for crimes against the American people, and time for real Patriots to take those positions and remove all the Communist by force out of these offices starting with the FBI, the CIA, doj, DHS, and the rest of those are corrupted socialist government offices that are bent on stealing our freedoms and indoctrinating our children for the future one world order socialism and we the people United will fight ,and you the corrupt Communist in this broken government will be sorry in the end

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