December 7, 2021

5 thoughts on “Sweatshop advocate Lebron James Goes After Kyle Rittenhouse

  1. LeBron is an elitist entitlement out of touch crybaby victim boy, I wonder if he’s going to go to jail for all the white women he’s raped in the past,

  2. LeBron is a douche, no class and really should have stayed in school. LeBron was lucky he can play basketball doesn’t need brains otherwise he be washing cars for a living. I think he better be careful Karma is a b i t c h and it’s coming for him.

  3. Entitlement thug monkey better be careful what he says ,what goes around comes around some people are not intimidated by the elitist entitlement government protected low IQ overpaid anti-American scum of society

  4. hey labron, when will you do NOTHING but DRIBBLE and SHUT YOUR DUMB MOUTH? After all, thank God that your total ability to a ball in a basket! Otherwise you’re WORTHLESS!

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