As nine-year-old Parwana Malik is sold to an older man with a thick white beard to be his “bride”, her father asks, “please don’t beat her”.

“This is your bride,” Abdul Malik says to the buyer, named Qorban, who hands over 200,000 Afghanis – around $3000 – in the form of sheep, land and cash.

“Please take care of her — you are responsible for her now, please don’t beat her.”

Qorban, who says he is 55, agrees and then grips the girl’s arm as he leads her outside.

As she’s walked away from the house to the waiting car, still clinging to her mother, she drags her feet and tries to pull away.

The little girl had dreams of being a teacher, and said she had hoped to change her parents’ minds – but her pleas were ignored.

The moment Parwana Malik, 9, is sold as a child bride. Image / CNN

The shocking scenes were captured on camera by CNN, which reports that there has been a rise in desperate Afghan families selling their daughters since the Taliban’s takeover of the country on August 15.

Parwana’s family have been living in a refugee camp in the northwestern Badghis province for four years, surviving on humanitarian aid and menial work.

Parwana is led away to a waiting car by Qorban, 55. Image / CNN

But international assistance has dried up since the Taliban took power, and the family say they are struggling to afford basic necessities like food.

Her father told the broadcaster he tried to avoid selling her, and had searched unsuccessfully for work.