May 29, 2023

2 thoughts on ““Lets go Brandon” is getting treated like hate speech

  1. Why is it that leftists and especially leftist media think that any utterance they don’t like is akin to terrorism or hate speech? I think any journalist or news caster guilty of such should be terminated for discrimination.

  2. I’ve read several articles this morning about this very subject, and noticed an interesting omission from all of them. While many are claiming that “Let’s go Brandon” should be hate speech, none have stated that “f*** Joe Biden” is hate speech. One would think the latter phrase would be a bit more obvious. Is now the time that I should declare that any Black person using the word “cracker” is spouting hate speech, even if he is describing a snack? Where do we draw the line? Personally, I think intent should be involved, but our present regime thinks otherwise. Madonna declared that she wanted to ‘blow up the White House’, when Mr. Trump got elected, but no one called that hate speech. Is hate speech Party-specific, or race-specific? If so, should it be?

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