May 28, 2023

4 thoughts on “FBI “Lost” HD Video of Rittenhouse That Changes Everything

  1. No matter what happens in the Rittenhouse case, there should be a demand from Congress that this “missing/lost/deleted” video be investigated to determine why evidence in a potential crime is no longer available. Does the FBI not back up important data? Or was a decision purposely made to misplace, lose, or delete the video? In any case, the agency definitely made some serious mistakes, and Congress should not be permitted to allow that.

  2. Well of course they did. No surprise there. If the video would have been damming to Rittenhouse you can bet it would have been preserved and brought out at trial without a doubt. My educated guess it was supportive of his claims so the FBI had to make it go away. Does that really surprise anyone? The FBI is now an arm of the democrat party to harass and set up anyone who disagrees with their agenda. They have lost all credibility and should be scrubbed clean and only allowed to reform when and if the deep state players have all been identified and forever banned from serving in any government position again.

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