December 7, 2021

3 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick likens NFL draft to slavery

  1. Totally unbalanced comparison. NFL players are auditioning for a job and for an ample ridiculous sum of money. That is their choice. I hardly call that slavery. Just like any other job, people need to keep their personal priorities and grievances separate so as not to cause a conflict of interest. Fans come to the stadiums to watch a ball game, not to be subjected to political dirty laundry. He broke the rules, plain and simple.

  2. Has Kaepernick EVER been a SLAVE?? NO so how can he compare?? He would be lucky if any of the NFL would WANT him on their team!! If they did I would NOT watch a game with him in it.

  3. Colin Kaepernick is an idiot who obviously never witnessed the selling of a slave even in a movie. If he had he would know how absurd his comments were. You can hardly compare the privileged and extravagant lifestyle of any NFL player with anything remotely akin to slavery. If being checked over for selection in the NFL was like slavery he should have walked away right then and there in protest because his integrity would not have allowed him to participate in such a thing but alas he didn’t because he has no integrity and what he said was a lie and more race baiting. The guy is a fraud.

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