May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Virginia Governor’s Race: Glenn Youngkin May Win Due to ‘White Backlash’

  1. Really? Nothing about allowing anyone into the girls bathrooms to be woke? Nothing about girls getting raped in bathrooms because some boy wore a skirt and the school covered it up? Nothing about books in the libraries that the school board members don’t want read in their meetings because there are children present? People of all backgrounds are objecting to this and the CRT that they claim is not CRT. The outgoing Democrat was in a photo where he can’t remember if he was dressed as the KKK or he wore blackface, was allowed to remain in office, and Conservatives are the racists. White backlash, my foot!

  2. I don’t see how people voting for the candidate they deem best for the job is automatically “White backlash”. How many believe that Mr. Obama was put in office entirely due to “Black backlash”? If we truly wanted “White backlash” we would be demanding that, in the name of “equity”, all professional basketball teams must consist of 60% White players. Where is that movement?

  3. You make fair and good points, but, clearly, the lefty lowlifes out there don’t care what others think. No matter. Slowly they will get their due. Let’s hope it starts in VA with whatever backlash is required to get things making sense again, cause from Biden on down, his entire whacked out failed administration and all the blue state clueless leaders, have to go. It is an existential matter. Whether white or black or any other race we had better turn things around. The Biden status quo is a total failure. If Biden would have won then gone back into his basement, we’d all be better off. The man is mentally gone, he disgraces the USA every day. His entire administration does.

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