May 28, 2023

6 thoughts on “Biden’s Reparations for Border Crossers Exceeds Payments to 9/11 Victims, Military Families

  1. you’re a real piece of s…work, joe! You won’t need a dime of your filthy cash, where you’re going! Payback will be a bitch! You’ll deserve a FOREVER ‘swim ‘ in the Lake Of Fire, in HELL!

  2. To be fair for EVERYONE concerned, all payments provided for ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, any monies paid to them should come out of the personal pockets of ALL those who vote FOR this bill! Starting with Hidin’ Biden and his damnocrats down through all of Congress! Also, while we are being fair and honest Biden should have to pay American taxpayers for the $457,000 wall he had constructed at his Delaware beach home! Where does this mush brain get off helping himself to taxpayers dollars for his person renovations!

    1. Biden needs to be REMOVED from Office by Congress! Every Lay-About on the Planet will be heading for the U.S. if this B/S is IMPOSED on “We The People”!!

  3. Congress should Impeach this Idiot! The Entire Planet Earth will be Moving to the U.S.A to get in on this Deal! How Long will this Dem Jack-Wagon be allowed to Jack the American CITIZENS around to favor the Interloping South of the Border INVADERS?????

  4. This is insanity, he has no right to use tax payer money on reparations to illegal aliens. He does nothing for this country and should be removed from office.

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