White House Reporter: “I Felt Safer Reporting In North Korea”

CBS White House correspondent Ben Tracy said on social media that he “felt safer” when he was reporting from North Korea that he does in the White House. He said this after many senior administration officials have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I felt safer reporting in North Korea than I currently do reporting at The White House,” Tracy tweeted. “This is just crazy.”

He was immediately called out by many conservatives for the comment. Senator Ted Cruz said “That’s because you were supporting the regime.”

Because of all the people who called him out for the negative tweet, He later clarified his comments by saying “For context folks, this is in reference to the COVID-19 outbreak at The White House.”

Many people shared their comments. One Person said, “I’m pretty sure you’d rather run the risk getting COVID in the USA before getting it in the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea]…from what I hear a bullet is the only treatment option there.”

1 thought on “White House Reporter: “I Felt Safer Reporting In North Korea””

  1. Communists, socialists, mandate freaks, and traitors should all move to North Korea and DIE THERE. Much of the MSM unfortunately falls in one or more of those categories.

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