December 7, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Sovereign State of Florida?

  1. What the hell, since Trump was elected President by brain washed idiots, this country has gone crazy.. Why in the hell do GOP politicians want us to revert to a dictator government? That makes us no better than Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela etc. etc. etc. The Federal Government does have the power to order things that benefit the health of all not just a few. Idiots who refuse to wear a mask and or be vaccinated are the reason the pandemic is continuing. Any Governor who has opposed Covid passport, mandatory mask and mandatory vaccination needs brain examined. By opposing they are keeping the pandemic going. Why do you think we no longer have small pox, or polio being rampant or measles outbreaks being few and far between except in 3rd word countries. Vaccines work, if dumbass Trump had gotten vaccinated in the public viewing more would take the vaccine. But it is mainly GOP not vaccinated, they are getting ill and dyeing, so guess what that means.

    1. It either means you are a dimwit yourself or your message is a failed attempt at satire. You pick which. I suggest the former is more likely.

      The trouble with your message is that it assumes so much that simply isn’t true. But then, a dimwit wouldn’t know that.

      BTW, the Covid-19 “vaccine” is experimental and, unlike any prior vaccine (including those you cite), it differs in how it is intended to work. The definition of “vaccine” had to be changed to allow these experimental treatments to be called “vaccines.” That should worry you.

      Assuming you’ve been vaxxed, have you asked your physician to order a D-dimer test for you?

      CDC has lied to us about PCR testing (it is inappropriate to test for ANY disease), why?

      CDC has deceived us with its concocted Covid-19 death guideline (why not use the existing influenza death guide), why?

      CDC has misrepresented the experimental vaccines for Covid-19, why?

      The false fears about Covid-19 (“get an infection, die!”) pushed by the noise media have revealed a level of corruption unprecedented in this country.

      The population fatality rate (after 18 months of this “pandemic”) in the USA is 0.22%. That means 99.78% of US residents have NOT died from this disease.

      The virus is waning… each successive mutation becomes less toxic and more infectious (it’s Darwinian… evolution of the virus for survival).

      Most real deaths have been elderly (beyond their birth life expectancy) with multiple comorbidities.

      What possible “crisis” warrants the widespread indiscriminate use of an experimental “vaccine” that has not undergone animal testing or long-term human use testing? These “vaccines” have a worst record for adverse effects deaths and serious disease than all other vaccines in history… combined! Yet they continue to be used and encouraged by agents of “big pharma”… whose commercials support the noise media on TV.

      Finally, masks inhibit oxygen intake, and oxygen is key to a strong immune system. Wearing a mask actually increases the risk of transmission… but one has to be able to think and analyze information rationally and intelligently to know that. The better the mask’s mesh is at trapping a 6 nm virus, the less oxygen penetrates the mask. Every mask worn is in violation of OSHA workplace standards for minimal oxygen content of workplace air (that minimum being 19.5% oxygen, outdoor normal is about 21%). The better the mask for keeping the virus out, the lower the oxygen intake. The aerosol of breathing transmits the virus right through the most common masks (likened to a mosquito penetrating a chain link fence!).

      Inform yourself before you go on such a foolish rant.

    2. The only brainwashed person is you. Drinking the loop aid this communist government is trying to enforce. We are a free people not socialists.

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