May 28, 2023

6 thoughts on “Illegal Alien From Congo Rapes Woman on Train in Philadelphia as Bystanders ‘Filmed it’

  1. This is a perfect example of Libertardness by the Judge who released this Slimeball. But lest we forget the other passangers are also culpable as accessories to the Sexual assualt because they not only stood aside allowing this rape to occure but filmed it not one of them had the courage to confront this evil illegal Immagrant to stop this rape!!!

    1. Yes on the disgusting POS judge (yet another one among so many!!!) who released this sub-human cesspool creature. But as for the rest of this incident aboard the train I am speechless. It reflects a horrific societal low-point for Americans (assuming everyone aboard the train was not an illegal alien, which thanks to Biden and his asshole coterie is highly possible). And I do attribute most of this feeble behavior in the USA to the lowlife left, the way they have corrupted our youth in schools, they way they destroy everything they touch (including our moral guiderails) and the nature of their abject existence in general. It’s who they are. Absolutely. And they must go down, or we all will go down. Which brings us right back to the judge…

      1. Amen Brother…
        If I were there, I would have kicked his face so hard it would have exploded! Then throat kick that filthy low life.
        This Crap is not going to end with the highly protected Libtards running this show while the Republicans stand by and Cowardly for the most part remaining silent.

  2. There are sins/crimes of commission and crimes of omission…
    To be passive when Liberty needs to be protected will only result in a loss of Liberty – for them, and if we don’t do anything, for all

  3. And this took place in the so called “City of brotherly love”! But then again who is nowadays surprised
    or shocked over anything, anymore? Certainly not me anyway!

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