December 7, 2021

6 thoughts on “Woke Drill Sergeant Leads Masked U.S. Soldiers In Chant About MLK

  1. So this is what our military looks like today? God help us if we ever really need to go into battle? Will they be wearing their little skirts in battle? The enemy will die laughing rather than at the hands of these ridiculous “female” officers. This is not what MLK was preaching about. He would roll over in his grave if he ever saw the fruits of his labors. I had great respect for MLK and this is not what he would want. This is the America he envisioned for his people.

  2. Where is the drill Sargent’s mask ?
    I have never heard a marching song like this crap.
    Sex, yes, but not politics.

    1. I thought the same thing about her not wearing a mask. I guess she’s special and rules don’t apply to her.

  3. God help us if we’re depending on this to protect us. I have great respect for MLK but what’s this and what does it have to do with the military. She should have to wear a mask if they do. Really though none of them should be because they are outside for Pete’s sake. They look absolutely idiotic. Thanks Millie, you have succeeded in ruining our new troops before they could even get out of basic training. I’m imagining their afternoon training consists of them all sitting around in a circle talking about white rage, CRT and singing cum by yah. I’m sure this is great preparation for the battlefield.

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