December 7, 2021

4 thoughts on “Trump loses case against Omarosa

  1. Omerosa is a leftist and Donald J Trump should NEVER have had her on his show. She was a trouble maker then and she’s NOT changed. As for that “arbitrator” – she wasn’t forced to sign that NDA but did so what’s T. Andrew Brown’s problem with it? A contract or agreement is just that – I’m betting T. Andrew Brown is a leftist liberal pretending to be a fair and impartial arbitrator. He isn’t. I’m guessing he’s also black – a case of supporting his “homie” Omerosa. What a b-itch SHE is.

  2. Why am I not surprised…America has different standards for different people, especially politicians. You idiots have screwed President Trump every chance you got. It’s really sad as he was working his ass off to make our country great again. Obama screwed it up and started racism and now Biden has taken over. All you want is fighting and fussing between the Americans so you can take all the working mans money and use it for yourself, the illegals, and the lazy asses. You politicians are all a disgrace and you sure as hell don’t represent me. Instead of working for us you’re screwing us.

  3. She thinks President Trump is a racist and in severe mental decline? Meet Mr. Joe Biden, Omarosa What a ditz. Just trying to be relevant. We are not interested.

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