Democrats have condemned an event in support of Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, after the Pledge of Allegiance was performed to a flag apparently flown during the January 6 Capitol attack.

During the “Take Back Virginia Rally” in Henrico County, Martha Boneta, the Republican host of the event, called someone to the stage who was carrying an American flag that was reportedly present at what was referred to as the “peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump” on January 6.

Boneta then asked the crowd to stand up, while those on stage turned and faced the flag to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Youngkin was not present at the rally held in his honor, but did feature a phone call of support from Donald Trump, whom he called a “great gentleman.”

The moment involving the flag was condemned by the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

“Glenn Youngkin was endorsed again tonight by Donald Trump at a rally where attendees pledged allegiance to a flag flown at the deadly January 6th insurrection,” McAuliffe tweeted. “Beyond disturbing, this is sick. And Glenn is honored to have Trump’s endorsement.

Those who appeared at the “Take Back Virginia Rally” include Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon and Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, who previously appeared on stage during MyPillow CEO’s Mike Lindell’s three-day “Cyber Symposium” conspiracy theory event that falsely claimed would reveal how the 2020 Election was rigged.

Another speaker at the rally was Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase, who in December 2020 urged Trump to invoke martial law in the U.S. so the military can oversee a new free and fair election.

Meanwhile, The committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill riot announced Thursday it is moving forward to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena, as his game of chicken with the House panel now enters a new and critical phase.