May 28, 2023

11 thoughts on “ESPN Anchor: “Obama Identifies As Black When He Was Raised By His White Mom”

  1. She just voiced what many others have questioned. Why did Obama ID as black instead of biracial? IMHO, for political reasons, he never to my knowledge acknowledged half of his heritage. Never said to an interviewer, “You know, I’m biracial. My mother was white.” (and a communist) He wasn’t our first black POTUS, he was our first biracial POTUS, regardless of the box he checks on census forms.

  2. This is the logical conclusion to “right to work”laws. Republicans have worked non stop to allow an employer to be able to fire an employee without cause. What did you expect?

    1. But “Hello”- this is a Liberal network. and PS – the outrage was from Democrats. All she did was speak the truth. President Obama is half white, and only raised by his white mother and grandmother. The outrage was over her speaking facts.

      1. According to racist white southerners, there is no such thing as “half white”. An ounce of black blood…. You know the trope.
        Besides, you don’t dispute the fact that republicans have fought long and hard for an employers right to fire at will

  3. I would suggest that some get an education, when Obama was born if the father was black then the child was black, in Nam one of my men was as white as any white man but according to his birth Certificate he was a negro, it was the law back then.

      1. Don,
        That’s funny, YOU calling a Harvard educated, constitutional scholar, President of the United States, black man, ..white trash.
        Besides, I’ve always heard you racists say,”one drop of black blood, makes you black”.
        You can’t have it both ways.

  4. If you offend a liberal (which isn’t hard) then you must be fired they get off on it. So sad we have let a bunch of whining babies make the rules for the rest of us. Then again I would never watch ESPN nothing but a left wing loser channel.

    1. Lisa,
      If only there were some protection from employers being able to fire employees for any reason…
      Oh snap, republicans have pushed hard for an employers right to fire an employee at will. Hmmm.. darn.

    1. Don, who should I ask?
      Not being in a position to ask his family, teachers or peers , I’ll ask you, what first hand knowledge do you have of his grades or citizenship?
      And a point that you may already know, he was elected TWICE as President of tour United States. By a handy margin.
      Unlike the last Republican nominee.

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