May 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Joe Manchin Ambushed on His Yacht by Activists Demanding He Back Infrastructure Bill

  1. Don’t cave Mr. Manchin, to those few who throw loud tantrums. $3.5 Trillion is ridiculous when all we are doing is bailing out states like California and New York who have no clue how to be fiscally responsible. West Virginia stands with you Mr Manchin, not with this ridiculous bill.

  2. You’re on the right path, Mr Manchin. There are those who want to right the ship and then there are those who want to sink the boat, regardless of the circumstances. Righteousness will be a lonely road, when madness prevails.

  3. Possibly Senator Manchin should get off his million dollar yacht and get down and look at how this bill will help the working class persons he seems not to care about, according to his remarks. In my opinion that is what is wrong with Congress to many with money not caring about the ones who do not have the money or a means to acquire it, and barely scrape by, because those in Congress do not have a clue as to how hard it is to survive, let alone live like Nearly every Congress person does, not all but the majority and get their campaign money and reelection money from those who are in their wealth class or higher.

    1. You obviously don’t know what’s in the 3.5 trillion bill, it is nothing for the little people and filled with pork for special interests. As for no money or the means to acquire it, everyone has the means to acquire it IF they want to put in the work! This is the land of opportunity (but not for long). Unless you’re a quadriplegic or don’t have the intellect or mental stability to hold down a job, there is plenty of work out there. The million people who have illegally crossed our border since January will find the means to make money and support themselves because they want the freedoms we have…you Robert6391 are just looking for a handout.

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