October 22, 2021

1 thought on “We’re Allowed to be Honest About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Now

  1. I wonder what it will actually take for the American people who still fill their heads with the lying mainstream media’s garbage to finally give up their addiction to it and seek truthful news elsewhere. If no one watches them they will soon disappear. The MSM are the propaganda arm for the socialist democrats who seek to destroy this country from within. They are fake news, they lie at every turn, they squash any story or twist it to hide the truth about democrats behavior all while vilifying anyone who disagrees with their political agendas. They also play the idiotic race card all day, every day to keep groups of Americans pitted against each other. That old trick is called conquer and divide. They hate our constitution and want to trash our freedoms. Why would any thinking person want to support them.

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