Unlike America, The European Union has a different taken an oppositional stance to American tech companies running rickshaw over privacy rights.

Founded in 2004, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) aims to ensure the privacy rights and data protection of Europeans. If you live in America, I understand, you might have never heard those words before to this article.

Starting last December, the group spearheaded many new rules (Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA) ) for data sharing, preferential server treatment, advertising practices, and even political campaigning.

Compliance is accomplished with a fine based punitive system.

With such changes, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet’s Google, and Facebook have had to massively up-haul their strategy concerning European customers.

Even after a year of change, European commissions are still not satisfied with the current state of these tech giants. EDPS is aiming to ban the practices of profiling users and pervasive tracking commonly used in targeted advertising.

American Life

Like many policies adopted by the Federal Government, most Americans are not satisfied with the current stance. According to a recent Pew poll, roughly 6-in-ten adults believe data is collected about them by companies or the government every day.

The same research showed 81% of the American public believes the potential risk of data collection outweighs any benefits.

In the meantime. make sure to watch what you sign up for. Also, look into using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I personally use Express VPN ( non-affiliate link). It’s the only way of ensuring privacy and anonymity.