Turkey – with its rampant incarceration of journalists and educators, its long history of civil rights violations against minority groups, and its duplicitous relationship with the Islamic State – has long-been a NATO ally that brings the entire organization into question.

To start this next chapter of Turkish/American relations, high-level AKP officials have spread a conspiracy theory that Joe Biden is “Kurdish.”

Orkhan Miroglu stated that Joe Biden descends from Kurdish Muslim origins, claiming the new president’s family belongs to the Kurdish Beruki clan.

More seriously, Clash Report, widely believed to be indirectly run by the Turkish state, has begun an antisemitic campaign against the new administration.

On January 22, Clash Tweeted in multiple languages about the “Jewish overrepresentation” in Biden’s new government. It went on to name the Jewish members, though with poor spelling and grammar.

The United States has often sided with Turkey regarding Kurdish issues. The Turkish state’s refusal to accept the Kurdistan Regional Government’s full independence from Iraq played a crucial role in America’s decision to ignore the 2017 KRG referendum for freedom.

With Turkish President Erdogan’s close relationship with Donald Trump, as well as Turkish pro-government media having ties with the Proud Boys, an overdue augmentation to the United States/Turkey relationship could finally be at hand.